Welcoming the Academic Year 2018-2019

Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Happy… These are all the passengers of the exhilarating roller coaster ride of first day highs. The students of SAG-IHS surely felt all of these during the start of the 1st semester for Academic Year 2018-2019 on the 18th of June. SAG-IHS Director Fr. Paul Dass, S.J. welcomed everyone on the Assembly last Monday.

General Assembly and Welcoming Address for the start of the Academic Year 2018-2019

In Fr. Paul’s welcoming address, he gave a warm and heartfelt welcome to all the old and new students on this brand new academic year, especially the incoming first years of the Integrated Diploma Program and the new batch of the one-year Academic English Preparatory Program. Accompanying this warm welcome were a few reminders from the administration.

Fr. Paul reminded everyone about the school rules and emphasized a few things, such as all students must speak English within school grounds and the importance of punctuality in classes. Fr. Paul also welcomed the two (2) new addition to the SAG Family, the latest batch of volunteers from Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines: Ms. Epimarie Dano and Mr. Aalrome Pagdilao.

To end the very meaningful and earnest welcome address, the SAG Director invited all the students and teachers to “have a fruitful journey with us,” to learn and grow together as one SAG-IHS Family.