Pre-Diploma Academic Preparatory Year [one year]

The Global English Language Program offered by the Geneva-based Jesuit Worldwide Learning [JWL] strives to deliver consistent, high-quality English courses to students anywhere in the world.

It uses the English Unlimited textbooks at 6 Levels:

  • Beginners (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)
  • Pre- Intermediate (B1)
  • Intermediate (B1+)
  • Upper- Intermediate (B2)
  • Advanced (C1)

The program includes all the English Unlimited resources and an independent study guide to help students read, write, speak and listen in English, both inside and outside the classroom. This course is basically to prepare them in English to advance to the Diploma in Education program.

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Students could apply for any course at any time. But the applications will be processed at the beginning of each semester and will be notified to the students.