SAG| Christmas 2023

In a heartwarming display of faith and togetherness, SAG-IHS held a memorable Christmas Mass on 22 December 2023, which is marking as a special moment of celebration in the community.

The festive event was attended by students, faculties and staff and the Mass was conducted by SAG’s director Fr. Buddy Haryadi SJ and Fr. Bosco Dim Khawl Thang SJ. During the mass, the students were treated to an inspiring message delivered by Fr. Bosco Dim Khawl Thang that focused on how Jesus’s birth is significant and its message of love, hope and peace. The Sermon encouraged us to embrace the joy and goodwill of the Christmas season.  

The Mass served as an opportunity for SAG community to come together and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and embracing the true spirit of Christmas. The Christmas Mass reminded us to foster a sense of community and provide a space for spiritual growth for every attendee.

The celebration was further enhanced by the enchanting voices of the SAG’s Students Choir which created an atmosphere of joy.