Vision, Mission & Goals


The vision of SAG-IHS is to serve, through Jesuit higher education the dreams, and aspirations of the young people of Myanmar. So that they can become confident, capable, and committed – and ready – to give of themselves to the service of others for the common good of the nation.


  • The mission of SAG-IHS is to provide its students with a form of Jesuit higher education that is comparable with global standards. 

  • Drawing from the Jesuit Liberal Arts tradition, SAG-IHS equips its students with intellectual breadth, knowledge, and understanding that free the mind to be both critical and creative.

  • It enables them to engage positively with their fellow citizens in Myanmar that is multi-ethnic and multi-religious.

  • It equips them to act proactively for an environmentally sustainable society. 

  • By acquiring these capabilities and qualities, the students and staff of SAG-IHS will exercise, now and in the future, a leadership that is built on service for others.

Educational Goals and Objectives

SAG-IHS calls upon its students to commit themselves to the above vision and mission by pursuing these specific six educational goals

The English Language

  • Students will acquire a core competency of the English Language.

  • Which is the linguistic currency of the future and the lifeblood of all academic work, by firstly, attaining proficiency in the language.

  • At intermediate level in speaking, listening, reading and writing; and, by having the capacity to do academic work in the English language.

Liberal arts studies and the humanities

  • Students will establish for themselves a core and critical foundation in those subjects that are called the Humanities in the Liberal Arts tradition.

  • That will enable them to think systematically, analytically, critically, creatively, and reflectively and across disciplines that will form the foundation of a life-long process of learning.

  • They will acquire a high degree of self-expression and articulation, both written and verbal, as well as learn to consistently contextualize what they know and learn in relation to the realities of Myanmar.

Pedagogic Art of Teaching

  • Students will attain a core foundation in the pedagogic art of teaching

  • The best way to learn a subject is by teaching it; the experience of teaching in the classroom encourages and builds leadership skills, increases self-confidence and boosts self-esteem.

  • Thus, SAG-IHS is contributing to the creation of a new generation of educators who will dedicate themselves to Myanmar nation building.

  • Students will acquire the theoretical fundamentals of pedagogy through their study of the Professional Education courses.

Community Outreach and Service

  • Students will exercise their teaching practice at the outreach sites as a form of community service.

  • Communities such as monastic shelters for children, church orphanages, schools based in urban peripheries in poorer sectors of cities.

  • Cities all form part of the traditional locations for the Outreach Program of SAG-IHS.

  • By rendering service to such communities, students will discover what it means to be “Persons-for-Others.”

 Ignatian Value-Formation

  • SAG-IHS seeks to help students acquire a value system in their lives that are personal, social, and spiritual.

  • By understanding their life experience through a process of reflection, discernment, decision, and action.

  • They will acquire values that will help strengthen themselves and build confidence and maturity to deal with the realities of life.

Servant Leadership

  • Students will acquire a sense of the purpose of life through the education that SAG-IHS offers them.

  • This sense of purpose may be described as “Servant Leadership”, for it best suits the needs, aspirations, and goals of the new Myanmar society that is emerging as a free democratic country.

  • Students will grow to be leaders whose value system is based on service – not power, not position or privilege – and always exercise such leadership, wherever.

  • They are, and with whomever they are, by being the first to serve.